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Bootlegger Amanda, Capt' of Bootleg Chocolate wins 1st Place 


So this past weekend our amazing Capt' of Bootleg Chocolates, Amanda, won 1st place in a local sailing race here in the South Bay Los Angeles, CA. 

Check out her and the huge crystal sail boat. Yeah, being a Bootlegger has it perks besides all the chocolate one can eat.

Be sure to order your Vanilla Rum chocolates in celebration of Capt' Amanda's win. 

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Christmas has Arrived @ Bootleg Chocolates - Order your Holiday Chocolates!


 As we enter into the month of December, it comes time for us to introduce our delicious holiday flavors eggnog whisky caramel & chestnut rum caramel! 

Right now we are running our bootleg christmas operation, with all boats destined to set sail by the week of the December 19th in order to bring you some rummy cheer.

If you place your order by the 15th of December, we promise to deliver your order in time for Christmas.

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Bootleg Chocolates @ Fred Segal, Santa Monica hosts Black Friday Weekend


We had an amazing time over the Black Friday weekend at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, where we, the Bootleg Chocolate Team, provided over 500 premier locally made chocolates in our signture flavors of 'Vanilla Rum & Goat Pepper'.

Over the weekend we got a couple of the following quotes from our new safitied customers :

"Too much of a good thing is simply wonderful"

"Any sane person would love these chocolates"

"Chocolate is nature's way of making up for the Holiday stress"

"Chocolate is a very serious thing " - Said with a smile on her face.

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Christmas Recipes 2011: Chocolate Mousse 

This year's Winter is a typical Southern Californian one - it's early December, it's still green outside, and I get to walk along the beach in venice with out a sweater. That's a perk, for sure, but I do miss snow that makes our winters so much more enjoyable.

However, Christmas is soon around the corner - with or without the snow - so I'll be posting Christmas recipes during this month.

This lovely and different dessert - luscious chocolate mousse.

It's best to make the chocolate mousse on the previous day, as it has time to cool and set then. 

Chocolate mousse: 
200 g dark chocolate, coarsely chopped
1 large organic egg, separated
1 to 2 Tbsp brandy, cognac or liqueur
200 to 250 ml (a cup) whipping cream

To make the chocolate mousse: place the chopped chocolate into a heatproof bowl and either melt in the microwave or place over a saucepan of simmering water. Remove from the heat, add the alcohol and stir in the egg yolk.

Whisk the egg white until stiff foam forms, then gently fold into the chocolate mousse.

Whisk the cream until it turns thick, smooth and forms soft peaks. Fold about one third into the chocolate mixture, then gently fold in the rest of the whipped cream.

Cover the bowl with a clingfilm and place into a cold fridge for couple of hours.

To serve, take two large spoons and spoon large dollops of chocolate mousse into serving bowls.


Your favorite Bootlegger,

Amanda & The Bootleg Chocolate Team.

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